National Operating Model

Back on My Feet, originally founded by Anne Mahlum in 2007, is a national nonprofit organization with chapters nationwide. Back on My Feet's National Leadership team manages the local chapter affiliates and provides overall strategic direction, program, marketing and operational guidelines. They also define growth strategy and provide functional services to the chapters including Human Resources, Finances, Data Management and Communications. This allows the local teams to focus on delivering their local program, meeting their local financial and programmatic goals and building local relationships. This business model seeks to build a consistent and successful program, brand and experience in each chapter as well as benefiting from shared services and economies of scale. BoMF has one National Board of Directors, which is the legal governing body of Back on My Feet. Each chapter also has an independent Advisory Board to provide fundraising support and program guidance.

Self-sufficiency is not just the goal for Back on My Feet members experiencing homelessness. Self-sufficiency is a strategy employed at every level of the organization. It’s important for BoMF chapters to contribute to the viability of the organization. Back on My Feet is privately funded and it's 2016 operating budget is $6.5 million. Each chapter is responsible for raising its share of these funds to support local operations. Back on My Feet has over 50 employees nationwide with three to six local employees in each market. Chapters are built to be self-sufficient programmatically and financially, resulting in high chapter ownership and the ability for Back on My Feet to expand without constraints.