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You’re a Hoosier.
You proudly support your neighborhood, the sound of engines revving gets your heart pounding, and basketball isn't just a sport, it's a lifestyle. Midwestern hospitality runs through your veins and you embrace the term "Naptown." You consider yourself a foodie, knowing all the best spots to chow down and you've danced with Ann on Mass Ave. You may or may not run, but we know that your pride ‘runs’ deep for this great city and those it inhabits. But at any given moment, you may pass someone on the streets in need or may not even see that those that are in the greatest need are often not even visible. As we set our clocks to spring forward and awaken from the depths and darkness of the winter, we ask for you to do one thing…
Stop the snooze.
We ask that you run the sleep out of your eyes and take note of those around you.  Most importantly, we ask for you to become active in the fight for visibility of those you may not see, those that are waiting for their second chance….your fellow Hoosiers – your future coworkers, neighbors, friends, motivators, listeners, high-fivers, and more.
How can you help? Easy.
The members and volunteers of Back on My Feet Indianapolis wake up at 5:45 AM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to #stopthesnooze and end homelessness. Join them by making a 545 commitment as an on-going 5:45 AM volunteer OR support with an on-going $5.45 contribution in honor of a morning run.
I commit to:
- Join the 5:45 AM run with a Back on My Feet team
- Donate $21.80 a month ($5.45 per week) - in place of one run a week (Less than $300 per year)
- Donate $5.45 a month - in place of one run a week (Less than $100 a year)
- A one time donation at the level of your choice