Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer with Back on My Feet! Our organization isn’t possible without amazing people like yourself and we’re excited to get you involved.  Everyone interested in running with a Back on My Feet team is required to attend a 60-minute orientation.

At orientation, we will talk about the issue of homelessness, our mission, discuss the role of our Volunteer Members and answer all of your questions.  We will find a team for you to run with and we ask that you commit to running at least one morning per week on a consistent basis. Please sign up for an orientation session below.

Each team has a "CORE" and these folks take on additional responsibilities to make sure the team is fully functional and organized. These roles include: Team Leader, Social Coordinator, Coach, Organizer and Volunteer Member Coordinator.  The Team Leader is the main point of contact for the team, the Social Coordinator plans the social events, the Coach chooses the routes and helps with running-related questions, the Volunteer Member Coordinator welcomes new teammates, and the Organizer tracks the mileage and attendance of Members. 

Team Info:

  • Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation - HVAF Manchester/R.E.S.T. - 964 N. Pennsylvania Street; Team Leaders- Anglea Dixon and Jim Patton, 5:45am, MWF
  • Wheeler Mission Ministries - 205 E. New York Street, Team Leader-Dave Jose, 5:45am, MWF

All Volunteer Orientations will be held at the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation (HVAF) building during the times listed in the form below.

HVAF, 964 North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204